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10kg of◆ mutton. It looks as● if the government h●as sent me a sp●ecial gift for t●he Spring Fe●stival." SPRE〓AD NATIONWIDE Ch■ina piloted the s◆ubsidy scheme for f○armers buying des■ignated brands of○ color TV sets○, refrigerato■rs and mobile● phones in t●he three agric

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    ult○ural provinces of S○handong, Henan and ●Sichuan, as wel■l as Qingdao City fr○om December 2007○ through May 2●008. They totaled 19

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    ■7 types of applian○ces. The pri●ces were c◆apped at 2,000 yuan ○for a color TV set,◆ 2,500 yuan f●or a refriger●ator and 1,000■ yu

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    an for a cel○l phone. T◆he 13-percent s○ubsidy was split 〓80-20between ○the central and■ local gov●ernments r●espectively. Eac〓h ru

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